RTCMS is a platform designed to meet the needs of any customer; from single-site to multi-sites, industrial to commercial buildings looking for a simple and effective way to report on electrical power and facilities consumption with the intention to optimize operation costs, to benchmark sites, follow by distribution of analysed reports.

Sustainability and power optimization.

  • We identify areas for continuous improvement and manage operation expenses
  • Manage and benchmark to achieve competitiveness
  • Adapt and comply to government regulations
  • Carbon footprint reduction, improve corporate image and social responsibility

Features and Benefits : Convert the invisible to visible

  • RTCMS deliver effective decisions on facilities and power consumption.
  • The remote management services indicate areas that require further review into facilities and power consumption patterns and any abnormalities.

Benchmark load demand KPI’s, consumption and historical trends

  • Benchmarking load data allow customers to monitor progress towards their load demand goals.
  • Benchmarking sites allow companies to identify poor performers in their portfolio, and discover the root cause to improve performance.

RTCFMS - Real Time Cloud Facilities Management System

Solutions Overview – Local Set Up

Solutions Overview – Cloud Server

RTC Interface

Load and Energy Profile:

  • Energy Usage Comparison – Single site or Multi-site
  • Energy Usage by Phase

Sensors and Environment:

  • Indoor and outdoor Humidity
  • Indoor and outdoor Temperature
  • Indoor and outdoor Temperature and Humidity Profile
  • Average movement per minute
  • Current Hour Maximum value
  • Heat index
  • Light levels


  • Solar energy generated,
  • power imported,
  • power exported.
  • Energy consumed,
  • Voltage (Main)
  • Voltage (Solar)
  • Power distribution

Conventional Method vs RTCFMS

Initial Software Cost Expensive Depends on Number of Connected Devices
(Subscription Basis)
Software License Expensive & Limited Unlimited
Time Consuming Time Consuming Ready Template & Interface
Server Maintenance Client Responsibility IEA Responsibility
Local Log In Yes Yes
Remote Log In No Yes (Remotely)
Multi-Site Info Sharing No Yes
Real Time Logging Yes Yes
Expert Analysis No Yes (Remotely)
Data Storage Limitation Limited To Local Server Unlimited
HMI Cannot Customize & Not Flexible Fully Customizable

RPMS - Remote Power Management Services

Sample Case Studies

  • Improper start-up sequence
  • SOP & corrective action to prevent similar issue to repeat
  • Abnormal activities / Usage during midnight
  • Investigations to be taken
  • Sudden demand/ kW surge detection
  • Analysis to be conducted

Conventional Method vs RPMS

Qualify Professional Personnel Plant Visit Monthly
/ 3-Months
Daily Remote Analysis
Energy Planning Occur Within 24 Hours Energy Planning Alert User When
Abnormalities Occur Within 24 Hours.
Solution Provider Not Effective –
Time Consuming
  • With Accurate Data
  • Exact Data / Time
  • Exact kW Demand
  • Exact kWh Demand
Tariff Planning / ETOU Time Consuming /
Not Possible
2-3 Months data analysis
Peak / Mid Peak / Off Peak Based on equipment
list planning and
operation estimation
Continuous Improvement

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