IEA approach to training and development is designed to ensure that our trainees become capable of adopting up-to-date skills to work in today’s modern and diversified economies across the widest range of Industrial sector.

Operating in the same economic sector and environment as our customers, we have a level of understanding and insight into your challenges that allows us to meet your needs by providing targeted training solutions.

We are glad to offer our professional technical courses for your staff to help improve the productivity in your company. All our courses have been designed with engineering personnel in mind. One of the features of our courses is the hands-on portion where the participants have to assemble and test their solutions to the exercises.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of the courses soon.

Engineering & Maintenance, Customized Training

Electrical Energy Series:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Audit
  • Energy Management ISO 50001

Electrical Power Series:

  • Maximum Demand
  • Power Factor
  • Power Quality

Electrical Drives Series:

  • Fundamentals of Electrical Drives and Electromechanical Systems

Pneumatic Series:

  • Industrial Pneumatics
  • Maintenance of Pneumatic Equipment and Systems

Electro-Pneumatic Series:

  • Introduction to Electro-Pneumatics
  • Industrial Pneumatics & Electro-Pneumatic Controls
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting on Pneumatic and Electro-Pneumatic Systems

Hydraulic Series:

  • Industrial Hydraulics
  • Introduction to Electro-Hydraulics